This rugged and ready, two-wheeled petrol trimmer represents extremely good value for money and is possibly the best buy on the market for its class in terms of features, quality build and power.

A truly go-anywhere trimmer, the simple but effective front design with its low flat-nose profile, means it can glide under bushes, hedges, garden seats or low hanging branches, to cut where others can’t.

The overall construction is steel and is rugged and durable, with large heavy-duty, 14 inch wheels, sporting thick rubber tyres and spoked for extra strength so you can venture into spinney’s and copses with the brush mower, and clear up in meadows and pasture, or tackle river banks, grassy slopes, airports, defense, forest, ditches and, in fact, any overgrown patches of rough grass or weeds. Even awkward areas like roadside verges at the front of properties, which are tricky to handle and are frequently angled, uneven and uncared for, can be tackled and tamed with this versatile trimmer.

And being a commercial nylon line trimmer, with strong, durable nylon lines that extend beyond the wheels, you can be confident when working in really overgrown or badly neglected areas, as any unseen rocks, tin cans or other hidden obstacles can be encountered without damage, since there is no metal blade to break.

In fact, this means you can use brush mower to actively trim and cut right up to the very perimeter of walls, garden ornaments and fences without worrying, producing the ultimate neat finish to your garden edges.

The working width of 22 inches means you can tackle large areas, so a paddock or small pasture should be no problem, and of course, trimming around trees and bushes is easy so a smaller sized orchard will cause no problems.

Cutting height adjustment between 20 and 70mm further extends the flexibility of this top-quality, two-wheeled trimmer.

Brushmower also comes with the 16” blade to cut down the heavy growths and thicker weed during monsoon, use either one attachment or can keep both the string and blade attachment for cutting.


Powered by world best Briggs and stratton engine.
MAKE Lawncare
Engine –  Make & Model Briggs and stratton,
Engine Type Air cooled 4 stroke , Cast Iron Liner , OHV petrol engine, vertical shaft Cooling Air Cooled Starter Recoil

Displacement – option of 160cc & 190 cc OHV
Support Wheels 2 nos Rubber wheels at Rear
Trimmer Type Special Engineering Fibre, Square Type Trimmer Line
Cutting Width & Method 55.88cm (22″), Rotating Trimmer Line
Working Depth 4.064cm – 7.62cm
Deck Material- Rust Resistant Steel Deck

With Blade attachment

Weight 35kg

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