Lawn Scarifier

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Lawn Scarifier

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LAWNCARE SCARIFIER – ENGINE POWERED Also known as Lawn scarifier, de-thatcher.

A lawn scarifier / Rake, sometimes referred to as a dethatcher, is a garden tool that is designed to cut through the soil, helping to remove dead moss and other debris like grass cuttings.

The consequences of not scarifying your lawn and keeping up with other maintenance jobs can be devastating. If dead grass cuttings and moss are allowed to sit on the lawn’s surface it can prevent rain water from draining deep under the ground where it’s needed the most. Much of the water and moisture will sit on top making your lawn soggy and looking very sorry for itself.

The layer of dead grass that sits on top of a lawn is sometimes known as a thatch, which explains the ‘dethatcher’ reference. Excess moisture can also encourage more moss growth, making the problem even worse.

Powered by an easy to start, reliable 4.5hp Briggs&Stratton engine the ‘lawncare’ power rake has a 47cm/19” working width. The pressed steel body has a hard wearing powder-coated paint finish and is extremely durable.

Controlled by a clutch system, the raking rotor is fitted with sixteen double tipped carbon steel blades. Raking depth is fully adjustable to a maximum 7cm, to remove thatch and aerate roots gently but effectively.


Scrarifier width (mm) 467
Scrafier spacing (mm) 33
Height adjustment (mm) 32
Max. blade rotation speed (rpm) 1250
Grasscatcher capacity (L) N/A
Noise level LWA 99 dB (A)
Net weight (kgs) 55.3
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 730 x 730 x 810 mm


Blade options:


Blade assembly is used for cutting down old grass fibre, which result in optimum growing conditions for new roots, and transform your lawn into a lush green sward.


Flail assembly is used for dethatching the mass of debris at the roots, and you will be repaid with thicker, healthier turf.




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