Cricket Net-on-wheel

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Cricket Net-on-wheel

Product Details:


  • Poles mode of Heavy duty PVC Pipes
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • SIZE (ft): L 30 x W 7 x H 8


Net-on-wheels is a portable light weight net frame constructed in MS pipes, with suitable male/female adaptors which can be dismantled and assembled easily. Powder coated metallic paint for norust outdoor usage.

Size of one set (feet) - L20' x W10" x H10' with six sturdy bearing wheels X 2 qty = half pitch size, ie; L40’ x L10’ x L10’. For full pitch L80’ x W10’ x H10’

Storage space - a unique telescopic designed which can interlock into each other occupying only L20' x W10" x H10' area of storage space. For full pitch storage will be for 2 sets, L40' x W10" x H10'

Options - available with one end door access

Net - fully covered from all four sides, Heavy duty thread to withstand leather ball force.

Portability - Due to its light weight & sturdy design, single person can pull or push the frames.

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