Gravity Lite - 12V

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Gravity Lite - 12V

Product Details:

Very light weight, With smaller wheel, spin/swing, max speed 75mph, t4 type joint, tennis & small crick ball, analogue (manual knob) type panel.


  • Speed range : 20-75 + MPH (120 KMPH)
  • Manual knob controls for each motor, showing speed and spin/swin chart setting
  • Throws cricket tennis balls & lite dimple ball (NEW)
  • Throws spin, swing and fastballs with repetitive
  • Lateral and vertical adjustments allow user to throw various pitches
  • Concave wheels made of PU for precision balance, ...accuracy, and excellent durability
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easily set up and transported
  • Optional 12 ball Auto feeder available
  • Package includes tripod stand
  • Shipping Weight – approx. 18kgs only
  • Power – can run for 2.5hrs to 4hrs on 12v battery (18~36AH) OR mains Power transformer 220~230V AC converted to 12VDC.

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